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Mondo Nuovo

/New World 


Mondo Nuovo (2020) 

video, Super 8, 35mm, 3, 25'

produced by Ginko Film and Home Movies Bologna

awarded by Racconti Plurale - CRT Art Foundation 

March 2020. In these days, when the image of the world seems denied to us, and we sadly wonder about the return to "normality" of our cinema and the impossibility of producing images if not completely turned in on themselves, in the forced intimacy of our homes , among the priorities there is certainly that of asking ourselves where to start again when the world will become the “object” of our gaze again and not just of consumption. 

According to the philosopher Pavel Florenskij, often quoted by Tarkovsky, the icon has a precise instance: "The two worlds, the visible and the invisible, are in contact. However, the difference between them is so great that the problem of the border putting them in contact, distinguishing them but also uniting cannot arise ”. For Florensky, images are windows open to the metaphysical world, thresholds, portals towards the intangible. Now, er are all yearning for a return to the community, the warmth of the community, the sensuality of artistic production, the contact of the image with oneself and with nature. But if "images are a mirror of our collective unconscious" today - in this forced solipsism - we must admit the exhaustion of their ability to become portals to the intangible and start again from here. 

Go beyond the screen, get back to life - without calling it “normality - and from there avoid the pitfalls of formatting. Outside the time of "representation", we have the time, luminous, to "reflect". 


2021 Il pensiero in meno, Polo del Novecento, curated by Ilaria Bernardi

2020 RaccontiPlurale, Ogr, Turin, curated by a.titolo, Olga Gambari


2021 Notti Veneziane, Sala Laguna, Biennale di Venezia; Bellaria Film Festival, Competition (Mention)

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