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Dea Madre/

Mother Goddess


Dea Madre (2016) 

installation, red mud, mine scraps, clay in collaboration with Antonella Aio

produced by Sulcis Hub, Bjcem 

during the artistic residency Sulcis Hub curated by Olga Bachschimdt

Mother Goddess is the Sardinian icon par excellence. It is the "Earth", conceived as the "generator" of life and therefore as "mother", in whose "womb" we all return after death. Modeling it with red mud - noxious waste from the mine - becomes an act of spiritual and environmental denunciation and reflection on our history and our present.



Site specific Sulcis Hub curated by Bjcem and Olga Bachschmidt

Solo Show Autofocus Award curated by Olga Gambari - Casa Gramsci, Turin

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