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Germ Theory - Earth

germ theory earth-2.jpeg

Germ Theory - Earth (2021) 

video, 4K, HD,  4'


produced by Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art

Following A Germ Theory – I, this new video titled A Germ Theory_Earth investigates, visualises and performs Benjamin H. Bratton’s mega-structure on a double level – physical and digital.

A possibility emerges for both the artist and the audience to question the role of art in enabling a comprehension of reality and our increasing alienation from it. The interstice between digital and physical worlds becomes a free zone to allow new doubts and possible solutions to emerge, and to contemplate the environmental topic with different parameters. Water is the first victim. 


2021 Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Cosmo Digitale, The Digital Trauma - II curated by Giulia Colletti, Turin

germ theory earth.jpeg
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