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E - Just Be There


E - Just Be There (2016-17)

Video installation,16 and 35 mm, super8, DV, HD, 2 '25'

The work is part of the Sinfonie Urbane project curated by Exposed

A project by Irene Dionisio in collaboration with Nadia Pugliese. E -Just Be There- is a study on communication around the rhetoric of the great events that characterized the Italian cultural climate of the last century and that remains in the current political paroxysm of the happening. Through a semiological research on the language used in a selected sample of advertising campaigns on the city of Milan (from the ten years to the current Expo 2015), Dionisio and Pugliese reflect on the use of images, music, voices and the graphics sector. The work, composed of an anaglyphic video and research material, is therefore the result of a process of re-appropriation and reworking of the language analyzed. 


Careof DOCVA, Fabbrica del Vapore, curated by Exposed, Milan

Forma Meravigli gallery, curated by Exposed, Milan


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