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Da togliere il fiato
/Breath away 


Da togliere il fiato (2021) 

installazione sonora site specific 

produced by MUST 

with the voices of the citizens of Vimercate in collaboration with SweetLife Faktory


Special thanks to the Popular Choir, the Biscantores Ensemble, the Piccolo Coro la Goccia and Cristina Verderio


A collective process of exploring silence through freediving is transformed into a ritual of renewed trust through the connective power of sound. The vital act of breathing and its opposite become the sound basis for crossing the San Rocco Bridge, a place symbolically and historically connected to the first plague experienced by the territory.


2021 Dialoghi con la catastrofe, MUST, Vimercate, curated by Maria Paola Zedda 

2022 Germination curated by Ilaria Bernardi, Studio Barn, Ghent - New York 

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