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Camera Chiara/

White Room

Camera Chiara (2020)

film, 4K, 31' 

written and directed by Irene Dionisio

cinematographed by Stefania Bona

translated by Monica Capuani from "Molly Sweeney"

with Michele Di Mauro, Orietta Notari, Nicola Pannelli

set design Jacopo Valsania
sound Claudio Tortorici


production Teatro Stabile di Torino 
with Wild Strawberries 

As part of Summer Plays, the season hosted at Teatro Carignano and organised by Teatro Stabile di Torino - Teatro Nazionale and TPE - Teatro Piemonte Europa, the videos resulting from the CLAUSTROPHILIA project, conceived by the TST's Artistic Director, Valerio Binasco, will be published online on the TST website.

Valerio Binasco " an experimental trilogy that involves the film directors - Irene Dionisio, Elena Gigliotti with Dario Aita and Michele Di Mauro - realising productions that can be enjoyed either on stage or on online platforms, experimenting with 'survival' forms of scenic expression. The project consisted of theatre rehearsals, filming and video editing in rapid succession.

«In the reworking of the text Molly Sweeney by Brian Friel and in an unprecedented visual approach, the direction starts from the unusual dimension in which Molly floats, between awareness and perdition. Her personal darkroom is paradoxically blinding. Her memory lives in an unknown dimension, the same in which the working group of the Claustrophilia project, conceived by Valerio Binasco, has moved, thus experimenting with new methods of vision and representation of the theatrical and / or (?) cinematographic medium " .


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